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Contractor Invoicing

Automating Contractor Application for Payment

Invoicing Add-on is a Free Contractor invoice template that provides a convenient way with which the Contractor can apply for payment and the Architect can certify payment is due. The template is based on the Forms of the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A) G702, and A.I.A G703 ,  Application for Payment, Architect's Certification and Continuation Sheet.

The Contractor Invoicing Add-on is provided with e-S T M 8 construction cost estimating software, version 5, and helps automate Contractor Invoicing System and Application for Payment.

Main Features and benefits of the Contractor Invoicing Add-on:

  • Contractor Invoice is presented in the Standard A.I.A for Application for Payment, Certification and Continuation Sheet.
  • Fill in A.I.A G702 and A.I.A G703 Forms automatically.
  • Show the status of the Contract sum to date, including the total dollar amount of the work completed and stored to date, the amount of Retention Money, the total of previous payments, a summary of change orders, and the amount of current payment requested.
  • Expedite the process of Contractor's Application for Payment and reduce the possibility of error
  • Print or email Contractor invoice (even with Free Adobe Reader or similar).
  • Remaining Contract Balance (Perfect for Progress billings)
  • Change Orders Evaluation Quick and Easy (Use your own built Cost Data Base in e-STM8 Estimating Software)
  • Control Material Delivery and Consumption in the works.
  • Project Information at your fingertips.

The Contractor Invoice Add-on is provided As-Is, free of charge, as a bonus to e-STM8 estimating Software users.

For now, it can serve American Construction Contractors, who use A.I.A G702, and A.I.A G703 forms in their application for payment. However, it may be extended, later, to allow for other templates in use by Construction Contractors in other Countries.

The Contractor Invoicing add-on is available permanently to registered versions of the e-STM8 estimating Software. The trial version of the software also include this add-on within the same trial period of the estimating software.

How it works:

Screen Shot 6

How A.I.A G702 and A.I.A G703 Forms are filled:

A.I.A G702 Application and Certificate of Payment should be prepared and submitted in conjunction with A.I.A G703 Continuation Sheet. The later being filled first

  • Heading: This information will auto fill from data entered in Construction Project Data Panel.
  • Item No., Description of work & Scheduled Value: These columns will auto fill from the Contractor Invoice Panel and related DATA BASE.
  • Work Completed From previous Applications: This Column will auto fill from Saved Data base of previous invoices.
  • Work Completed this period: This Column will auto fill from data entered in the Contractor Invoice Panel and corresponding Material from Materials Panel
  • Materials presently stored: This Column will auto fill from data entered in Materials Panel
  • Total Completed work and stored materials to date: This column will automatically total columns D + E + F.
  • Balance to finish: This column will automatically calculate the difference between Scheduled Value and Total Completed and Stored to Date.
  • Retention: This column will automatically calculate retention to be withheld in accordance with Data saved via Project Data Panel.
  • Change Orders: Change orders will auto fill into column B and complete Schedule of Values in column C.
Completing the A.I.A G702 Application for Payment and Certification:
  • Heading: The A.I.A G702 heading will auto fill from data entered via Project Data Panel.
  • Change Orders: This table will auto fill from Change Orders data base saved via Change Orders Panel, editable in each invoice panel.
  • Billing Information: Totals in the application for payment, will auto fill from the G703 Continuation Sheet, as well as previously saved data in connection with the project.
  • Signatures: The Contractor should sign and date the A.I.A G702 Form, have it notarized and submit it to the Architect along with completed A.I.A G703 and all appropriate lien releases.

How to install the Add-on for versions prior to version4:

  • - Run the Update Manager
  • - Click File> Contractor Invoicing
  • - When asked if you would like to download and install the add on, click OK
  • - You will be prompted to confirm, since the process may take a few minutes click OK
  • Upon installation of the Add-on the invoicing program shall launch.
Screen Shot 8

System requirements:

  • - Windows X P/Vista/windows 7/ 8
  • - Java run-time environment

Download Free Trial e-STM8 estimating Software Version 5, ensure it provides the estimating platform suitable for the size of your business. Also you can try the Contractor Invoice program, for 14 days without any obligation. Upon purchasing e-S T M 8 Estimating Software, the Contractor Invoicing Add-On shall be permanently available.