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Free Trial Cost Estimating Sofware

System Requirements

This Cost Estimating Software will run on Windows (all)
However, it requires Java

Please check whether Java run-time is installed on your PC. before downloading the Free trial
You can install it if it is not already installed. It is Free from Sun Micro-systems.

Software Download and Installation

  • Download the zip file of the cost estimating software to your PC and unzip it to an empty folder.
  • Run the software "installer" and follow installation wizard instructions
  • After installation you can run the Estimating Software from Windows Start>Programs>eSTM8
Screen shot of Trial Period Status
Screen shot of Trial Period End

During the Free Trial of the Cost Estiating Software you will be reminded of the remaining days every time you open the software.
The reminder will look as shown above to the left.
To continue just click the continue trial period. You can Buy at any time.

After fifteen days you will be prompted as shown below to buy a registration key in order to continue using the program.
See the screen-shot to the right. At this point the program shall be locked and it will not unlock without a registration key