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About Us

Vendor of e-STM8 construction cost estimating Software

We specilaize in Construction Software development. Our digital Products include:

I. Products

  • Cost Estimating Software [This web site is the official product site] ; available in 5 languages
  • Bar Chart Scheduling - a free online tool in 6 languages
  • Time Tracking Application available for individuals and groups
  • Construction Contract Management Software - CM Reporter
  • Construction Delay analysis - Provided as a service
  • Cash Flow Forecasting CFF3 -
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow estimating - Provided as a service
  • Ultimate File Utility For Windows; split file, merge files, zip and unzip files
  • E-VoiceMailer - Sending and Receiving Voice Mail
  • TimeOclock - Human voice Desktop Reminder
Our web sites are:

II. Contact us

You may contact us using the form below: