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e-STM8 Software

This Construction Cost Estimating Software has been developed for Cost Estimators, Architects, Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors to help build a quick yet accurate Construction Cost Estimate. The more accurate cost estimating will lead to a better chance of winning the contract at a reasonable profit. Over estimating of the prices may result in the contractor loosing the contract. Under estimating may result in the Contractor loosing money. Moreover, if under estimating is made in the pre contract stage it may get the Client abandoning the works or modifying the scope.

The main features of this Software include:

  • Document Preparation: creates reports, cost schedules, Labor, Plant and Material cost sums.
  • Archives Previous Projects: builds a database of completed job estimates for quick reference when preparing new bids
  • Flexibility: allows for instant changes to the whole estimate upon modifying a rate or quantity.
  • Communicating with other Software: It can import and export data to Microsoft office Excel.
  • Free Contractor Invoicing Platform: A free add-on has been added to the program to enable Contractors prepare progress Applications for Payment, by auto filling A.I.A G702 Application and Certificate of Payment, and A.I.A G703 Continuation Sheet, in P.D.F format.
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Screenshot of eSTM8 Construction Cost estimating Software

We designed this estimating software with a friendly user interface that has all in one screen as shown above. Items are broken down to their constituent cost elements; Labor, Plant and Material. Overheads and Profit are considered on a global basis. This all in one screen is our competitive advantage over other products in the market, and surely our price is still a challenge.

How does our price compare with other solutions?
The price of alternative solutions vary to a great extent. It all depends on what features the specific user wants and what is being offered. As far as we know, our price is still the lowest. The program is targeting global markets not just local USA market. Financial capacity of construction firms in developing countries is not the same as in USA. However, this does not in anyway mean inferior quality. If you search for construction cost estimating and sort results by editor rating, our program is ranked #4.

What is our competitive advantage?
If we leave the price aside, we consider the all in one control panel is still a challenge to our competitors and a unique advantage that we offer to our customers. The all in one user interface makes the complex process of estimating an easy job

Do we offer same features offered by other programs?
We offer more and less. That is to say every solution provides features appealing to some customers and not so important to others. It all depends whether what is offered is satisfying your specific needs at a reasonable price or not. The purpose of the free trial version is to give you the chance to take the right decision.

How does the program speed up the process of bidding?
The user friendly interface makes the estimating job easier and hence bidding goes faster. Moreover, the tender figure arrived at by the estimator using e-stm8 software, shall be entered by the program in the generated Covering Letter to tender. All is required then is to enter Employer, location of the project, date of the call for tenders, and the undersigned name.

If top management decide an adjustment to the tender price, to allow for risks, this can easily be made by modifying the mark up percentage. This modification shall propagate to all figures in the produced priced bill of quantities.

construction cost estimating software

About e-STM8 Estimating Software

e- S T M 8 Construction Cost Estimating Software for Accurate Cost Estimates, Quicker Bidding Process with the ability to Import and Export Data to and from Microsoft Excel. This product is available in digital form only.

System Requirements:
Windows X P / Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ 8
& Java Run-time Environment J R E 1.6 or later

File Size: 8.4M

Rating By Editor:
★★★★ 4.5 stars out of 5

Who can use?

e-STM8 estimating software is most suitable for Ad-measurement contract tendering where the Bill of quantities is provided by Employer. Contractors price the bill and give their quotes. Contractor bidding follows. The take-offs or billing of items is assumed to have been made earlier by Employer.

A comparative statement of tenders received for a work usually shows considerable differences among proposals, and between proposals and the estimated cost of the work. The agreement of the estimated cost with the actual cost will depend mainly upon correct visualization of the work as it will be done and available estimating tools, and their features.

Availability in other Languages

French L'stimation des coûts

German Kostenschätzung

Spanish Estimación de Costos

Portuguese Estimativa de Custos