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Program Updates

e-STM8 Construction cost estimating software has undergone a number of updates in response to users requests. Major updates are listed below

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e-STM8 Software updates

  • Version 5.0 (November 23, 2012):
    User Interface enhancement
    Easier registration process.

  • Version 4.0 (April 09, 2011):
    Adding 'Contractor Invoicing' platform
    Adding optional unclassified cost element. Added per request of users.

  • Version 3.51 (November 23, 2010):
    Adding 'Sorting Functionality' to Labor, Plant, and Material databases

  • Version 3.5 (November 16, 2010): (Major update)
    Adding 'Update Manager' to Package, so that Users may always update their downloaded program, to include additional features that we may find necessary or as may be suggested by users (and found reasonable by us) .

How to include new updates in your downloaded program?
  • Open Programs > eSTM8en > update and click the 'update' shortcut
  • Or open the folder, where you installed eSTM8, and run the application 'updateMgr'

  • If your downloaded program version is earlier than 3.5, please Contact us using support form at Support Corner we shall email you procedures to upgrade without loosing your saved data.